About Us

Welcome to Cryptizen!

Our Vision

The inception of Cryptizen was inspired by our founder, Le Tuan Anh. The concept began with crafting cards adorned with heartfelt messages, which were then carefully printed and nestled within gift boxes, destined for family members during the Christmas season. Unexpectedly, these tokens of affection resonated deeply with recipients. This heartwarming response paved the way for our team’s vision of offering personalized gifts, ultimately catalyzing the establishment of our small business.

Our core mission is rooted in the profound significance of gift-giving in human connections. Gifts, we believe, help articulate emotions, solidify bonds, and create cherished memories. Our journey started with crafting intimate cards bearing messages of love, a tradition we extend through printing heartfelt words on cards and placing them inside delicate gift boxes. These tokens of affection are meant to be shared among family, friends, and loved ones. This very ethos guides our evolution as a business entity, operating under the banner of CRYPTIZEN CO., LTD.

Our Market Strategy

Our strategic growth trajectory encompasses flourishing in the Asian market and expanding our presence across Europe and North America.

Hence, Cryptizen, an extension of our company, was conceptualized to cater to the European and North American markets.

Handcrafted Expressions of Care

Each item created by Cryptizen is a testament to the love and dedication we infuse into our craftsmanship.

Attention to detail is paramount as we meticulously curate each product, imbuing it with symbolism, thoughtfulness, and a reflection of what holds meaning for you. Our intention is to bridge hearts, connecting you with that special person in your life. Our collection of customized jewelry gift boxes is a tribute to gratitude and a testament to the roles our loved ones play in our lives.

The Cryptizen Team

Cryptizen.com is owned by CRYPTIZEN CO., LTD.
Business Registration Number: 0402130908

Business Email: [email protected]

Business Address: 381 Nguyen Phuoc Lan Street, Ward Hoa Xuan, Cam Le District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam 550000

US Address: 3360 Scherer Dr N, St Petersburg, FL 33716, United States

Business Phone: +84344262626